TTN Munich Node Watchdog

The TTN Munich Node Watchdog watches your LoRaWAN nodes, and let's you know when they've been gone for a while.


  • A LoRaWAN node (or more)
  • A TTN v3 application


In your TTN v3 application, add a new Webhook (under Integrations -> Webhook). Use the following settings:
Webhook ID choose your ID, e.g.ttn-node-watchdog
Webhook Format JSON
Base URL https://watchdog.platform.ttn-munich.de/api/v1/ping/<email address> or
https://watchdog.platform.ttn-munich.de/api/v1/ping/<email address>/<timeframe>
Timeframe can be specified in seconds or human readable, e.g. 8h. Default setting is 24h.
Downlink API Key leave emtpy
Uplink message Set check box, leave text field empty
You'll receive an email from the watchdog to confirm your email address. Once you've confirmed your address, you'll receive a message for every node that hasn't sent an uplink message for more than 24h.